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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 27, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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thank you for joining us, have a great night! ♪ ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: tonight, did you ever think you would see this again, ever? senator mccain and sarah palin campaigning together. a few hours ago palin flying into arizona to tell arizona vote mccain. topic number one of course, health care. >> when it came to obama care, >> boo! >> by the way, i see today that fidel castro likes obama care, but we don't. doesn't that kind of tell you something? when it came to this, john fought against the government takeover of 1/6 of our economy and he told the president that transparency in the legislative process should be
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more than just another campaign promise in this case with obama, another campaign promise that has been so broken. >> it wasn't only the product it wasn't only 2 733 pages of government takeover of your health care it was the sleaze, it was the chicago- sleazey deal making, sausage making that went on behind closed doors in the speaker's office and harry reid's office and in the white house. >> greta: the former running mates went on the record together in tucson, arizona. nice to see both of you, and together again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks greta. sorry you are not here the temperature is 73° here in tucson, that's a commercial from the chamber. >> greta: i just spotted new the united states senate about 12 hours ago. you move fast. let me make the interview go fast as well. the first question senator, 14
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months into this new presidency. how would a senator mccain/ president mccain presidency with vice president palin look different from what we are experiencing right now? >> i think dramatically. in president is governing from the left it is a center right country. we would never own chrysler, general motors, we would never had passed the 787 billion dollar stimulus package. we certainly wouldn't have done this massive 2 730 page health care reform. just contrasting philosophies. i'm sorry i was not able to do a better job traps in drawing that contrast -- perhaps in drawing that contrast bus he was the most liberal senator. >> greta: governor how do you think the presidency would have looked? >> senator mccain is a man of his word. i think what we could have counted on and look forward to was the transparency that john
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also talked about in the campaign that is so necessary in order to bill more faith into our government. constituents right now are feeling so disinfranchised and disenchanted because of the lack of transparency that the obama administration has ushered in. john wouldn't have donna. >> greta: senator what are the criticisms -- one of the criticisms you have gotten is your own party reaching across the aisle. what is the secret for bipartisanship had you won, would it be a different situation and how do you know that? >> well, i know that because i've worked with these people for years. and the fact is, you can have bipartisanship, as long as you don't betray principle. what the obama administration is seeking is for republicans to go along with his agenda. obviously, they decided they didn't need bipartisanship. they just decide ram things
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through like the stimulus package and the omnibus bill and health care, on pure party line basis. i would have worked in a bipartisan fashion you can as long as you preserve principle. ronald reagan was able to work with tip o'neil a liberal democrat from massachusetts. he always adhered to his principles. you can compromise on details but adhere to your principles. >> candidate obama not having a track record at all of bipartisanship. john mccain has that record. i have that record as governor being able to reach across party lines to do what is right for constituents. candidate obama didn't have the record that is coming home to roast today with his lack of bipartisanship that is hurting our country. >> greta: interesting, you are the one who is up for reelection is that you get so much criticism within your party or even someone within the democratic party when you
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do reach across the aisle. now you are in the awkward position of trying to get all those votes back for doing something that we ultimately want our leaders to do. >> the issue here in arizona greta, is who is gonna be most effective for arizona? we have 40% of the homes unwater. we have probably one of the worst economies in the country. we have 17% real unemployment. what is on the mines of the voters in arizona is jobs and -- on the minds of the voters in arizona is jobs and jobs and the economy. that's what they want and what i'm working for. they are worried about national security and the men and women serving and they are proud of having so many from arizona and the military representation we have here. but it is jobs, jobs, jobs and the economy. that's what the people of arizona want. stkpwr >> greta can i chime in on that too. not holding an elected office as a voter.
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what we say about bipartisanship in this atmosphere we see now in washington, d.c., we don't want our senators and our representatives to hold hands with the democrats if the democrats are going to keep growing government. why bipartisanship there if the democrats are doing the wrong thing. we want republicans to stand tall for strong or smarter government so principles that independents and those in the republican party have believed in all these years. we want them to stick with those principles. >> the allegation is that i have changed. i haven't changed. the governing prism has changed. my position is the same. i can't get -- -- sit down with somebody governing from the far left. >> greta: governor palin you are thought of as very representative of the tea party movement. i don't think of senator mccain as a tea party guy, correct me if i'm wrong.
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how do you get your tea party faithful in arizona to go out and vote for senator mccain? >> well, i will correct ya, greta. john mccain and i and everybody i think who was here today rooting for john mccain we are all part of that tea party movement that groundswell of americans rising up and saying, no big intrusive government growing everyday under obama, we don't like it, we want to take our country back. that's what the tea party movement is about and that's what john mccain is about. >> the tea party leaders in arizona said -- last o'did a town hall meeting with tea partiers. people are frustrated and angry. a lot of that has to do with any incumbent. i understand i have to earn every vote. >> greta: senator mccain i know are surrounded by strong women. i've interviewed your wife, who doesn't know your mother, exceedingly strong.
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someone we all admire. have you noticed what some of the women from your campaign have done? you have been called today, thank you are a feminist hero because you had governor palin and you put her on the republican ticket. colleen fiorina running for the u.s. senate in california, whitman, what do you say about all these women around you? >> i'm honored to know all of them. kelly in new hampshire and we have other strong women candidates. look, i'm so proud to have known sarah and todd, to have the opportunity to run with a person who is so dedicated and so hardworking and so principled, i'll consider it one of the really, really bright points in my life to have had the opportunity of serving with sarah. >> greta he's humble. john mccain believes in equality. he believes in the power of women too and i'm thankful for
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that senator mccain, strong independent -- cindy mccain strong, independent woman, will speak her mind i appreciate the relationship they have and the friendship and respect that comes from this couple. cindy mccain is a great american. she is a perfect example of behind every good, successful, strong man stands a very surprised woman. >> greta: next more wi senator mccain and governor palin. do they disagree about immigration? find out minutes from now. plus, it is war. some states are furious at government over health care and they are taking action. the wisconsin attorney general wants to join in that fight. someone is stopping him. who is stopping him and why? find out from the attorney general of the great state of wisconsin, he's here. are you ready for this? is president obama says -- [ inaudible ]
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>> greta: continuing with senator mccain and former governor sarah palin, former running mates are on the campaign trail again. governor palin even dropped a few jokes. >> i couldn't wait to get some of the mccain-palin team back together again. a lot has changed since the last time we were together. one of those things is that
1:13 am
john, nobody gave us a teleprompter this go round. [ laughing ] >> so it is time to kick it old school resort to the poor man's version of the teleprompter, write on my hand again. another thing change this go-round when votes are tallied, i think he's going to win this one. >> greta: we asked senator mccain about immigration. in 2008 you supported a pass to citizenship as part of the immigration hispanics were very happy with what you were proposing. then they went with president obama now the hispanics are unhappy with president obama because so far no immigration reform. what happened to immigration? what are we gonna do about it? what do you want to do about
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it? >> two things i think are important. one, the fact that the environment is so difficult on the border. we just had three american citizens murdered in juarez. the violence and the struggle against the drug cartels is huge. we need to secure the border. we have to get the border secured. second of all, the agreement we made had a temporary guest worker program, legal temporary guest worker program this is not in any proposal that the democrats want, because the unions, obviously control their agenda. so we to get the border secured. this is an existential threat to the government of americas co-. >> greta: how do you secure the border, senator? everyone keeps saying we need to secure the border build a big wall like they did in east europe, what do we do? >> we need to have surveillance capabilities. an attempt they were making just collapsed the contractor
1:15 am
failed miserably. we need to do more surveillance. we could use more high-tech. to have the drug cartels' violence spill over into the united states of america is a real possibility. >> greta: governor palin if are you were vice president today what would you be telling president mccain about what to do about immigration, if anything? >> i support his position on immigration. it all comes down to securing the border. he who has proposed solutions the obama administration does not want to listen to senator mccain or any other republican that of course leads to a greater problem that we have in washington, d.c.. it is that lack of the new administration's ability and enthusiasm for listening to those on the other side of the aisle who have good solutions they want considered. >> greta: senator how much help is she to you on this campaign? >> say that again?
1:16 am
>> greta: how much help is she to you on this campaign down there? >> she is as all over the country, sarah is an energizer bunny. i mean it in the way of the strongest sense she's an energizing factor with americans and with the people the 4,000 people who were here today she energized them. the feeling that people have towards her is still one of the most remarkable things that i have ever seen and she never stops. she never stops and she is working hard for america. could i say again, it is very nostalgic for me and cindy to be together again for the first time since election night with sarah and todd. we share some wonderful memories. yes, i loss, but i will always treasure the fact that we were able to work together for what we thought would have been a better america. >> greta: next, you know politics can be dirty and disloyal. did senator mccain's opponent try to grab palin's
1:17 am
endorsement that and more next. wisconsin attorney general wants to join other states and sue the federal government over health care. there's a problem highway is stopping him? he tells you minutes from now. the white house just said something wrong, big time wrong. in minutes find out what it is. guess who is going to end up paying? check the mirror. stay right here. [ male announcer ] our cars win many awards. but the most important is the honor of being in your garage. if you're shopping for a new car, we invite you to put us to the test. and may the best car win.
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>> greta: conservatism it's dead, no more. will a conservative be able to rise to you we are -- rise to power in this country john mccain met with a young, unknown state senator from massachusetts for one.
1:21 am
and he is the one who gave this republican the support that was needed, some name recognition that was needed in the early support in order for this republican to run for u.s. senate. that state senator was scott brown. today he's a -- [ inaudible ] >> greta: continuing with former governor sarah palin. she took a break to go on the record. governor, senator mccain just off to talk to his constituents. what is like for you to be together with senator mccain again? >> it was awesome. i've had an opportunity to meet with him through these months and to talk to him over the phone, quite often. but to finally be here to -- the four of us together again it is wonderful. i have great, great respect and admiration for all the the mccains, especially senator mccain. >> greta: when you are on the
1:22 am
cam -- campaign trail everyone agrees. now the election is over. there's some issues thank you and senator mccain have a respectful disagreement about? >> the point here is that senator mccain and i agree on the big picture. where it is that the country needs to go. there is so many challenges facing america right now. senator mccain has been on the right track trying to get the country back on track more security for this nation. weigh agree on those things that have to take place to undo some of the things that obama is doing and get us back on the right track. >> greta: that's a good team, good ticket. there might be some ways where he might think you should do things some way and you might think another way anything in particular about the economy thank you might disagree with senator mccain on? or health care?
1:23 am
>> no, listen to what senator mccain is doing today and fighting so hard against the growth of government and the earmarks and the bloat of our budget that we are seeing today. those things i absolutely agree with. the majority americans agree with senator mccain allowing for a smaller, smarter government, more prosperity for private sector for our families. i agree with what he's proposing to rein the get of government. with health care, he's provided a lot of the solutions along with other good folks in congress like representative paul ryan with his road map and others who have been adamant about getting the obama administration and pelosi and reid to listen to what the other side has in terms of solutions. i agree with what senator mccain has proposed for reform in health care needed in this country. he certainly has been the fighter against obama care that has been the take over of 1/6 of our economy i agree
1:24 am
with where he's going there. >> greta: the tea party movement i think most agree if it going to keep any votes it is taking votes from the republican party. is the tea party movement going to have an impact on this primary where senator mccain is being challenged by j.d. hayworth? >> absolutely. that's why we are making a point to point out that tea party leaders are not opposing john mccain. they are supporting his mission too, to rein in the get of government. they are saying we are taxed enough already that's what john mccain is saying too. i'm proud to be part of the tea party movement, proud to point out tea party movement participants in the crowd. they are cheering on john mccann they know we are all fighting for the same thing the future of this great country he's part of the tea party movement. they are going to be impacting for john. >> greta: it seems in looking
1:25 am
at all the press down in arizona about this campaign ma j.d. hey wore the challenger was hoping he would get the tea party vote. has he ever reached out to you and said, at any point prior to -- obviously until today asking to you campaign for him, has he tried to reach out to you? >> i haven't spoken with him, but i'm all about competition. i love contested primaries. competition makes all of us work harder and be more efficient and produce more. let's be thankful there's that healthy debate this is going to go on in this primary. the candidate who best represent sents the people of the state, in this case arizona will rise to the top and go on to the general. i hope we see more contested primaries across the country. >> greta: how about state attorney generals now seeking to go to court to declare health care unconstitutional? what is your thought about state attorney generals doing
1:26 am
this? so far all republican except one democrat in louisiana. >> everybody who opposes obama care that take over of 1/6 of our economy needs to say kudoes to the ag's who want to sue and have good standings as they say no this is unconstitutional. not only was a lot of the process crooked to get people to vote for obama care in congress, but mandates that i believe are unconstitutional on our state forcing constituents in each state to purchase something from the private sector this is against the commerce clause, against what has built this country into the greatness that it is. i'm thankful for these attorney generals. i would hope that more would participate in this. >> greta: next, some states are screaming at the federal government, back off. the wisconsin attorney general wants to join that fight, why can't he? he goes on the record, next. just when you think it can't get worse the cbo says the
1:27 am
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get is a fox news alert. president obama's second nominee to be tsa chief general robert harding has withdrawn from consideration. he is says distractions caused by his work as a defense contractor would not be good for president obama's administration. president obama's first choice for tsa chief southers withdrew in january. wisconsin attorney general wants to join other states and sue the government over health care. so far he hasn't. who is stopping him? attorney general van holland joins us live, good evening sir. >> how are you greta? >> greta: swrel.
1:31 am
i've seen the letter that you wrote the governor of your state, governor doyle. apparently, tell us, he won't let you sue. >> well, we've written a letter to the governor and to the leadership in both the house and senate in wisconsin. any of them could give me authority to sue. one has to give me authority or i can't. so far the leadership in both houses and the governor has not told me, but told members of the press they are not going to give me the authority to sue that doesn't mean the battle is over. the full bodies of either house can still call for a polling motion through a procedural motion can bring this to the floor for a vote and i think we've got a chance of prevail going that were allowed to occur. >> greta: are you a republican, sir? >> i am. >> greta: and the governor is a democrat. you said you haven't heard from him. i saw a letter dated march 25th, are you telling me i the letter that he was not going
1:32 am
to give you permission to sue before you one? >> he must have gotten the address wrong. i did see it in press. we ever not received a copy of the letter in my office, yet. >> greta: in the letter, what he said is he with was slapping you around a bit. he said the lawsuit you suggest is frivolous and political attempt to thwart the acts of congress and the law it doesn't sound like there is much wiggle room with this governor. >> i don't think there is going to be much wiggle room for him. here's been a staunch supporter of president obama. he's not running for reelection. the rule of law is not going to dictate what he is willing to do. however h in the past when i've asked him for his approval to fight federal preemption in a number of different cases probably 10 or so in the three years since i've been attorney general he's approved in all of those cases. so this is unusual from a legal perspective from a political perspective, i'm not surprised he didn't grant me the authority.
1:33 am
>> greta: this is a political decision with him? >> i truly think it is. we made it very clear and you said you have a copy of our letter. we made it very clear we are making a decision or a request to sue the federal government based upon solid legal foot . we said this isn't about health care this is about state sovereignty about the federal government overreaching this is the about the commerce clause taken to a level by congress that it has never been taken to before. we believe for the sake of the state, for the power of future governors and legislators in the state of wisconsin and elsewhere, we need to fight to protect the separation of powers, balance of powers as it may be. and he didn't respond to the legal aspect. he just said this is frivolous and we're not gonna let you stand in the way of health care. >> greta: is there any other recourse that you have? each state seem -- has different rules in terms of when an attorney general can
1:34 am
sue and when he can't. do you have a recourse? your democratic legislature said no your democratic governor has said no do you have any other choice at this point? >> well, the democrat leaders in both the house and senate in wisconsin have said no to the press any way that doesn't mean their membership necessarily agrees with them. their membership has the opportunity to pull this issue to the floor and to vote on it. i know there's an effort underway for that to occur. i'm convinced these members of the legislature want to represent their constituents. if they give congress the power that congress seems to be tkpwrbging in in commerce clause issue in this health care law they are are going to lose state authority that our founders preserved for them. i believe when they realize this is an issue of the law and it not an issue about health care, they are going to be a lot of members who are going to take a hard look at whether they want to take a vote and give me approval. we're simply seeking the
1:35 am
opportunity to have the rule of law clarified by federal court. i don't know what anybody has to be afraid of in that process. >> greta: attorney general van hallen from the great state of which is, thank you have you thaefp. >> thank you greta. >> should all of news the united states jut be good europeans. nice to see you, sir. >> hi greta. >> greta: how are you? >> well, i'm trying to think about basketball and beating syracuse if i think about health care i get too discouraged. i'm accenting the positive. >> greta: we both graduated from the same law school, georgetown. >> you were probably a real student i was a humble night student so my basketball loyalties are more mid western. >> i don't like comparing
1:36 am
grades. you have written an op-ed piece with a title that has a lot of people on fire. headlined: for now we better start adjusting to our new status as good europeans. what's with that governor? >> i didn't put the headline on throw way in the end. i'm trying to maybe make a serious point this bill is about more than health care. it's about what kind of citizens we will be, what kind of people we will be going forward. the premise of this bill is that government will decide for the rest of us. and we will submit to higher taxes, submit to waiting in long lines for health care. we will submit to our health care choices being made for us by wiser people, those who run the bureaucracies of the state. i think that's discouraging and regrettable.
1:37 am
but, that's why we have elections. >> congressional majority entitled to do what it did and worked its will. >> it seems there are three issues one is philosophy whether you believe the government should be this involved. another one is whether or not we are getting improved care or not. the third is whether or not we can afford. let me zero in on indiana. you have a 9.8% unemployment rate. how does this new health care bill -- what is it going to do to your economy? can you accommodate it? >> of course the biggest affects are still a few years away. in is really terrible in terms -- this is really term in terms of economic affects. two biggest drivers of growth and jobs in america are small business and investment. this bill taxes small business and investment very, very heavily. that's wrong as economic
1:38 am
policy. that's the way they decided to pay for what they've done. there are also direct affects on indiana i suppose this is no concern to people elsewhere. nationalized the student loan industry happens to be a strong business in our state. they are gonna tack the highly innovative medical device businesses. we happen to be a capital of that they've added punitive taxes on them to minimize the extraordinary cost of this bill. if it were good for america people in this state would be for it, even though it has these especially negative affects on us. but in our case, i think we get it on both ends. >> greta: according to your minority leader in the state senate it will mean 744,000 more people anyonian that will have access to health care -- more people in indiana will
1:39 am
have access to health care. that sounds great if you can afford it. if you can't afford it what will happen to these people? >> we've been working on the problem in a different way much more affordable way. it will be wiped out. those people in our -- what we call the healthy indiana plan will be dumped into medicaid along with several00,000 more of our -- several hundred thousand more of our federal citizens. one effect to that will be long after i'm gone, a series of state tax increases. the states pay for a share of medicare. so when you add hundreds of the thousands of people in our case, to those rolls there be a state tax hike to go with the higher federal taxes. this rather hidden tax is one of the other costs of this bill that didn't get a lot of discussion before it passed it >> greta: there's going to be a lot of discussion as we
1:40 am
unroll this health care bill and examine it and see how it affects each individual state. governor, thank you good you can luck to you and indiana. >> thats for having me. >> greta: brace yourself news from the cbo. the cbo says the white house a very important number dead wrong. how wrong and what does it mean to you? what is going on in arizona? did you hear what senator mccain said today on the campaign trail? apparently governor palin has the senator in the mood for jokes. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the u.s. and rush russia reaching an agreement on arsenal cuts in the first treat nenearly two decades to cut long-range nuclear weapons by about a third. president barack obama and president of russia signed the
1:44 am
paper. in a devastating tractor-trailer and van collision in kentucky, killing 11 people. the truck crossed over a highway median on friday, running head-on into a van of people on their way to a wedding in iowa, on i-65, south of louisville. police say the driver and 10 others died in that wreck. two children in the van were the only survivors of the crash. i'm marianne rafferty, back to "on the record" the record. get tkpwhraet's another 1.2 trillion dollars -- >> greta: what's another 1.2 trillion dollars. the latest budget will generate 9.7 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years that is 1.2 trillion dollars more than president obama's administration projected steve moore joins us
1:45 am
live. i guess first we should admit the cbo scores are fluid. >> fluid from the health care debate this is not encouraging news to -- this is saying over the next 10 years we will borrow about 10 trillion dollars over the next decade. >> greta: what really parties -- what really matters, the thing is the red flag to me is the fact that early february we thought it was 10 trillion -- i mean 1.2 trillion less in early february. we have that mistake. if it is so easy to make that mistake in five weeks or sick weeks -- >> one reason why we shouldn't take these health care numbers seriously. after a few months they say we are wrong by a trillion dollars that means they could be making big mistakes on the health care.
1:46 am
these numbers are really getting problematic. by 2018 if we borrow 10 trillion we have to servicing class the interest on the debt would be 800 billion dollars by 2018 more money than we on our national defense. we'll more on paying the interest on the debt than our national defense that's a big problem. >> greta: to the extent it is held by foreign governments we are more beholding, less political muscle or strength in the world. >> no question about it. we've seen -- i think under both president bush and under president obama, there's been times when they won't stand up to china, because they -- then to you have to ask what happens if the chinese stop buying the debt? i have a big worry that interest rates are going up as we borrow more and more at the federal level. what implications that has
1:47 am
for mortgage payments and things like that >> greta: it is rather distressing. the cbo said the obama administration is 1.2 trillion off in six weeks. if we focus on health care, which is 1/6 of the economy and everyone is dependent on it being the answer to all if that collapses because it is more expensive, it could be cat strf fix. these numbers are like the irs, mistakes are never in your favor. >> true. the first estimate came from the white house, this one comes from the congressional budget office. i work for budget office, i worked for president reagan every administration tries to make their budget look as rosey as possible this is isn't that uncommon. but a trillion higher that's a very big up in. >> greta: as long as the employment is still hovering
1:48 am
un10%, we are not generating the revenue to beat down the debt or the deficit. >> i agree. the real problem now we are not generating the growth. if you have 15 mill -- 15 million unemployed people aren't paying taxes probably can't pay their property taxes gut to get americans back to work so they start paying tabs to reduce this debt. i think they are going to get a good number on unemployment this month. >> greta: why is china continuing to buy our debt? >> a lot of people ask that. they've been starting to diversify and buying a little less of our debt and buying other assets, real property and companies. >> greta: here in the united states? >> and around the world. >> greta: what kind of property does the chinese own in the united states? >> real estate and things. japan did that >> greta: in new york. >> the problem is if china stops buying our debt who is
1:49 am
going to buy it? they already own, by some estimates 800 billion to a trillion dollars of our debt. if we borrow another 10 trillion, over the next ten years -- china owns more of our debt than the american citizens do now. >> greta: if these numbers are so huge we get used to them but it is stunning. >> one of the big problems with our budget policy today the numbers are so big, the saying is a trillion is the new billion. >> greta: next the best of the rest, is president obama using chief of staff rahm emanuel's shuttle diplomacy overseas? get ready to pool your money for a dog who needs a lawyer. he's in such trouble. he's in such trouble. and worse this is caughththththt [ advisor 1 ] i have clients say
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. president obama and the russian president reached an agreement today on a nuclear arms reduction treaty. the treaty still needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate and the russian duma. secretary of state clinton has a suggestion. >> as we have to go to our congress president medvedev has to go to the duma i think president obama said he would
1:54 am
send rahm emanuel to moscow and we all immediately endorse that offer so if president medvedev wants to take us up on it, we are ready. >> greta: we'll let you know any news breaks in the showers of the russian duma. winston is my favorite he lives in tennessee he has a problem. he hates police cars, big time. earlier this month wynton got into a fight with a police car. we think he won. winston ripped the bumper off the cop car. destroying a police cruiser gets you in trouble. winston has been sentenced to good citizen classes. hopefully someone will get winston a chew toy. he wish him the best of the luck. 40 police officers in dubuque, iowa are spending the month of march growing mustaches. at the end of march, female officers will judge who has the best mustache.
1:55 am
the officers paid $5 to enter the contest all the money is going to theuzr special olympic. crashing a party at the white house is a good career move. those infamous white house party crashers the salahis are going to be the bravo reality show the real housewives of d.c.. they crashed a state dinner at the white house without being on the guest list. expect them to make their debut in july. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, a politician crying look a baby? that can never b b b b b b
1:56 am
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